Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tell us about your first time...

Ah, the first time we heard music reproduced on a hifi system. Magical it was. I remember it like it was yesterday. My older brother brought home his first stereo. A Kenwood receiver, Sony Turntable, and Kenwood loudspeakers. Those brands are pretty much crap now, but "back in the day" they were a very decent start to a budding audiophile's first system. I sat and watched with interest while he patched the turntable into the receiver, hooked the speakers up with what looked like lamp cord, and fired the system up for the first time. I believe it was an album from Heart (that should date me). The song was "Barracuda". I was blown away. I had never heard music sound so real. Of course my only prior reference was the Panasonic all in one system with the obscenely named "Thruster" loudspeakers. But to my credit, the Thrusters were a single driver loudspeaker with no crossover!

I would sit for hours (unbelievable for a 9 year old) listening to his music. Eventually I learned to run his system through watching him, and play what I wanted when he was gone. That was the source of more than a few sibling brawls. Good times. Simpler times.

If you feel so inclined, write a paragraph or two about your first time hearing hifi.