Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good times, Bad times

Yes I know its a Led Zeppelin song title, but I feel it is appropriate for today's post. The economy has wreaked havoc on high end audio. Sales are down everywhere. Heck I've gotten a day job as many of you know. I hate the fact that I am less available, but it is necessary in order to get through these tough times.

There has actually been a silver lining to these economic dark clouds. One that I think will have long term positive effects on the industry as a whole. Manufacturers and distributors who were hesitant to embrace internet retailers are now taking a second look, and even taking that leap towards offering their products online.

Of note, JPS labs recently contacted TweekGeek and has embraced us as a new dealer. Tweek Geek also recently Signed on with Laufer Teknik, and will be representing all of their products online soon. Products like Volent Loudspeakers, Behold Electronics and the Nova Physics Memory Player. And last (for now) we have also brought in the Stereophile Recommended Audio Elegance audio racks.

Of course, Tweek Geek does do business locally in the Denver, Colorado area too. But we do have the unique advantage of a powerful web site that serves the world, and others are taking notice.
Do you have any recommendations?

We are especially interested in bringing in a good turntable, one or two phono preamps, and DACs to complete our product offerings. Please contact us if you have any recommendations, or if you are a manufacturer of one of the above items and would like to discuss having Tweek Geek represent your line.