Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Music as Therapy? Yes!

A recent New York Times article discusses how music can be used like medicine. I don't know about you, but music has always served a therapeutic benefit to me. I suppose we audiophiles simply want a better "fix" than the average person, so we go to great lengths to acquire a system that will bring us that feeling we so desire.

I think the American public for the most part has forgotten, or has never experienced, the thrill, goosebumps, or relaxation good sounding music can bring. If there isn't video accompanying the sound, they aren't interested in just sitting, and only listening. Music is now something you listen to while doing something else. Background noise to fill the void.

I have hope that music therapy will catch on, and it may be a convergence of this, cheaper bandwidth and data storage that could possibly create an audiophile renaissance in the near future. If only the music industry would stop compressing the life out of recordings. Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This doesn't happen very often

I just wrote this email to Jim Wang of Harmonic Technology after putting his new Reference 9 SE speaker cables in my system.

Hi Jim,

I just received my 10 foot pair of Pro 9 Reference
SE's and put them in my system in place of some fairly expensive ($6k)
cables. I was expecting there to be lower performance in your cable, but
right out of the box I would say your cables at almost 1/4 the price, are nearly
their equals. And they havent' even broken in yet!

Bravo Jim, this is one incredible speaker



Folks, Regardless of what others try to convince you of, whether they are just cheap, have an agenda other than enjoying music, have crappy gear, or hearing that isn't able to detect differences (through hearing loss, or untrained ears), there is a level of difference associated with cables. You usually get what you pay for provided you do your homework.

But this cable really does offer more than what I am used to hearing at this price point. Quite a bit more actually.

I am going to say that Harmonic Technlogy Pro 9 Reference SE has set a new performance benchmark for speaker cables at the$1500 price point.