Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Supercharge a Bybee Quantum Purifier

Bybee Quantum Purifiers have been a mainstay at TweekGeek since it's inception. Jack Bybee has established himself as the consummate tweak meister with these little devices that have performed sonic miracles on hundreds if not thousands of audio systems worldwide. They have evolved over the years, and are available in a DIY series of Purifiers that one can use for AC, speakers and line level, as well as a full line of adapters, and finally one of the best power conditioners on the market today.

I am about to walks you through how to "tweak" the large Bybee Quantum Purifier to enhance its performance. This applies to the large copper Purifiers as well as the large gold Purifiers.

What you will need:
  • 3/4" copper tubing. You can buy pre cut couplers, or if you want to cut a more exact length, just buy a length of tubing and cut to size.
  • Stillpoints 1" ERS Tape. This tape absorbs and diffuses RFI. Many people use it inside components as well.
  • Bybee Purifiers (of course)

How to assemble the Bybee Supercharger:
  • Begin by determining what length of tape you will need to wrap around the Bybee purifier in order for it to fit fairly snugly inside the 3/4" copper tube. Oddly enough you will not be removing the backing on the ERS tape. Why? Because ERS is more effective with a dialectric between each layer. It would actually be less effective if you took the backing off and stuck the layers together.

  • You will need 2 identical lengths for each Bybee. It takes 2, 1 inch pieces of ERS tape wrapped side by side to cover the entire length of the Bybee.

  • Once the Bybee is wrapped, insert it into the copper tube.

  • You can wrap the outside of the copper tube with an additional layer of ERS tape.

  • cover the tube with shrink tubing, or electrical tape so there are no extra conductive surfaces, and you have a supercharged Bybee Quantum Purifier!

The end result is you have an even more transparent sound than with a stock Bybee. When you use the Gold Bybee for the SuperCharging, you approach the level of the super expensive, Super Effect purifiers. The kind used in the Super Effect Speaker Bullets that retail for $4200, and are not available to the DIY market.


Friday, September 4, 2009 T-Shirts Now Available Through

This T-shirt is sure to get you noticed.

On the back it reads:
Funny name. Serious audio.

I had such a great reaction from it at last year's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, I decided to make them publicly available. I really don't make any profit, I just think its a fun t-shirt. I hope you do too.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

How Do You Listen?

I'm Curious. What does listening to music do for you? How do you listen to it?

Is it mainly for background "filler"? Something to occupy your ears while you focus on something else.

Is it therapy? Do you make it a point to shut out all distractions, sit, and just listen?

Or are you someone who, every once in awhile, a song triggers something inside of you, causing you to connect to it on a deeper level? A "goosebump" moment perhaps..

How do you listen? Tell us.