Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Supercharge a Bybee Quantum Purifier

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I found your Bybee Supercharging atricle to be both highly enlightening and very familiar. For the last 3 years, I have used both Bybee's and Z-Sleeves combined on every power cable, speaker, IC, digital and video cable in my system. The makeup of the Z-Sleeve, copper tubing and ERS mirrors that of your tweak but yours can be done at a much cheaper cost and w/o the hassles encountered using a bulky Z-Sleeve. But I have found that when able to actually cover an inline Bybee with a Z-Sleeve, the effects of the Bybee in that application is much more pronounced. For me, I love the sound stage depth created by extensive use of this combination thoughout my HT/music system. I would highly recommend your diy tweak be tried on any video,IC, digital, speaker or power cable.


  2. Hi Mike,

    Can copper sheets 36 gauge be used to substitute the copper tubing? Also why do you need to wrap the large purifier with extra ERS paper? "Large Quantum Purifiers are specially shielded against external RFI and EMF noise by the use of ERS Stealth carbon fiber" Thanks

  3. Hello Satfrat,

    Thanks for the validation. Yes this is similar to a Z-sleeve, but they use a more measured approach, plus some proprietary tricks to make the Z-Sleeves even more effective than what I do.

  4. hello Tianci,

    Yes copper sheets can be used, but there must be a sufficient overlap of the sheeting so as not to allow any emi/rfi in or out. We have found that even more ERS material than what a stock Bybee already employs provides audible sonic improvements.