Monday, August 29, 2011

Important Updates from Vivid Audio

1. Vivid Audio Facebook page and forum - Vivid has created an informational and useful facebook page. I encourage you to visit it to get the latest information on new developments, ask questions, and view some gorgeous photos of Vivid loudspeakers.

2. G3 available in late ‘11  - Laurence Dickie and his engineering team are!finishing up the work on GIYA G3, which they hope to show at the Tokyo High End Show early in November. The G3 has evolved into a typical GIYA both in appearance and in acoustic performance, albeit from a slightly smaller platform than G2 and of course G1. The strong attributes of ultra low colouration, life like imaging and the fastest most accurate lf on the planet, are retained in G3. Pricing is estimated at 80% of G2.

3. New absorber tubes - To the right is a photo the new absorber tubes - for the high/mid frequency D50 driver on the left and for the high frequency D26 driver on the right. It looks as if the tubes have some new vibration damping material on them. There may be other differences as well, but that is the most visible change. I have an inquiry in to see if there will be an upgrade available to current owners.

4. Price increases slated for mid September - You may or may not be aware that Vivid Audio designs and manufactures all of their own drive units. Being able to design exactly what they require with little cost limitation has enabled Vivid Audio to achieve great successes in a very short time. A drawback of this policy is the cost of implementation. All Vivid Audio drivers incorporate  motor assemblies that implement rare earth magnets. These magnets are sourced from various vendors in China. Recently the costs of these metals have risen exponentially. These escalations have resulted in a six fold increase in magnet prices effective July 2011. Fortunately, Vivid was able to secure a large quantity of these magnets in order to stave off price increases for as long as possible. Due to the demand however, it looks like that supply will run out in September. As a result, it looks as if a price increase of 8% or so is inevitable in the next month or so.

Eye Candy - From left to right, the Vivid K1, B1, and V1.5 loudspeakers.

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