Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The $3000 Audio System

I've been fascinated by the flexibility and performance of DSpeaker's Dual Core processor. It does so many things
  • Room correction up to 500hz
  • Digital EQ
  • Asynchronous USB DAC 
  • 24/192 processing via toslink digital input
  • Analog volume control with .5dB steps and remote control
So you get a DAC, room correction, an EQ, and a preamp in one small box. The user interface is great, and the sound quality is excellent. Really surprising once the room correction is engaged.

I was looking for a way to stream music from my PC to the Dual Core, while keeping the signal in the digital domain and taking advantage of the 24/192 capability of the Dual Core's Toslink input. I opted for the M2Tech Evo USB to SPDIF converter since it has a Toslink output. The Evo would take the USB output from my music server and convert it to SPDIF and send it to the Toslink output. The Dual core would then apply room correction, EQ (if necessary) in the digital domain before converting the signal to analog. The analog output could then go directly to an amplifier, or to a pair of amplified speakers.  The system would be super simple, and sound quality would be way beyond it's price point of around $1600.

Software used - Since my server is Windows based, and I own an iPad Mini, I chose JRiver because of the great sound and user interface on their iPad app, JRemote.

I used a Wireworld USB cable and glass Toslink cable. IMO, they offer the best performance for the money spent.

Match this system up with a high quality pair of powered monitors like the Adam a7X (heck I don't even sell these...), and for around $3,000 you have a really nice system for a small to mid size room.

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  1. Very nice choices my friend. Another option would be the Emotiva Pro Stealth 8 speakers, they are $750 but I had a chance to audition these last year and was stunned at the performance for the price.