Monday, July 21, 2014

Auralic Vega Review: Tweaking the Vega

Auralic Vega

What can be said that hasn't already about the Auralic Vega DAC? There are so many reviews, and so much good information that it should be fairly easy to ascertain the caliber of this DAC just from reading. I want to take it a bit further and recommend some Tweaks that work very well with this fabulous high resolution DAC.

My previous favorite DAC was the Luxman DA-06. I'm not sure if the Auralic sounded better, but it sounded at least equally as good, and cost $1500 less. That accomplishment is what made it my new favorite. The Vega DAC has a very analog like quality to it when streaming music from your PC. The user has the capability of taking a standard redbook, 24/96,176,192, whatever PCM file you stream through it, and converts it to DSD on the fly. I liked this option when using the Auralic Vega as my DAC. The sound was was more relaxed with PCM recordings streamed as DSD.  The native DSD streams through Jriver and the Auralic were simply amazing. The room actually felt different, as if a tension or pressure in the room were released and allowed the music to breathe. Strange but true.

I am the Tweek Geek, and taking components further through tweeks and accessories is what excites me. I have experimented with several cables and tweaks for the Vega, and can say with confidence that the more you put into this DAC as far as tweaks, the more you will get out of it. The resolving power of the Vega appears to be quite good, far beyond it's price point. But more importantly, the Vega sounds like music, presenting not only the details, but creating a musical experience as a whole.

Taking the Vega Further

Stillpoints Ultra SS

Stillpoints Ultra SS - Stillpoints help to further resolve inner detail and harmonic structure. Mass loading by putting additional weight on the Vega DAC will most definitely help in this situation, as the DAC itself does not weigh much. $747 for a set of 3.

Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer

Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancers - The Quantum Signal Enhancers help to clean up the noise floor. I set one underneath the Vega itself, and rested the interconnects on one as well. If you are at all familiar with Bybee Quantum Purifiers and their effects audio components, the effect is similar, except the AV enhancers are completely passive. Nothing is inserted into the signal path. $119.95 each.

Bybee Holographic AC Adapter

Bybee Holographic AC Adapter - This is a costly, but very effective tweak. This plugs into the back of the Auralic Vega DAC, then your favorite power cord plugs into the adapter. The AC current flows through the adapter and is cleaned up considerably. Even if you are using a power conditioner, the Holographic AC adapter will lower the noise floor dramatically further, enhance dynamics and help the connected audio component throw a huge soundstage. $2195 each.

Waveform Fidelity Balanced Interconnects - These are my favorite less than stratospherically priced  interconnects. Great tonal balance with a powerful, dynamic presence. The soundstage is fantastic through these as well. $1499 for 1 meter.

All of the above products can of course be found on, and we have them available for in-home auditions. We highly recommend trying our tweaks before buying, as they may not suit your system or musical tastes. It's really easy, we take your information, a credit card for security purposes, and you get to try the tweak out over the course of at least one weekend.

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