Monday, May 4, 2015

Taking the Ikea Aptitlig Cutting Board/Audio Component Platform Further

It's no secret, well at least to us early adopters and audio tweakers, that the Ikea Aptitlig cutting board is a very effectively constructed audio component platform. Some months ago The Audio Beat covered this topic (we highly recommend you read it), and the cutting board from the swedish furniture megastore started flying off the shelf.

Bottom line is they work, and work well.

Photo courtesy of The Audio Beat
Taking the Aptitlig Further
I live in a house with laminate flooring. My Bamboo cutting boards set on the floor, and I wasn't exactly thrilled about components picking up vibrations and resonances from movement on the main level of the house. My components are coupled to the Aptitilig cutting boards via bamboo blocks that I had made from a smaller Ikea cutting board. That seemed to have the best sonic characteristics rather than using the stock footers on my components. But to me the Aptitlig was too coupled to my floors. I started experimenting, keeping in mind I did not want to turn this budget project into something expensive. I set my budget to under $100 per component platform.

Enter MegaHexa
A customer of mine had recommended the Agora Acoustics Magic Hexa footers to me awhile back. He had placed them under his Bybee Stealth power conditioner, and felt strongly enough that they were a worthy improvement that he emailed me to tell me about his discovery.
Agora Acoustics MagicHexas in Black

The Magic Hexas are approximately 3" in diameter and about 1" high. They are made of a visco elastic polymer that combines shock absorption, vibration isolation, and damping. They consist of a honeycomb shape internally that adds to their quality. The great thing about them is the price. $49 for a set of 4.

I ordered several sets for evaluation, and began experimenting.  I liked what I heard with the MagicHexas. I will save you some time and cut right to the chase. The best combination for my system and components was to continue to couple the components to the Aptitlig cutting boards with small bamboo blocks. The next step was to place the MagicHexas between the floor and the cutting boards, thus reducing and dissipating any vibrations from the hard surface floor. Everything gains weight and clarity with the MagicHexas underneath.  

The combination of the bamboo blocks, cutting board and MagicHexas make for a great platform to rest your components on. Coming in at around $100 makes this a great bargain tweak too. Enjoy!

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