Thursday, February 25, 2016

Moving: My Experiences Setting Up And Tweaking A Listening Environment

Moving Day is March 18

Tweek Geek is changing locations. 

Well at least the home location. With the move comes new opportunities to create a better listening environment. I want to document my journey for you the reader, and for myself in case I ever have to do this again.

Pre Existing Conditions

Since the space is already finished, I will be working with several "pre existing conditions". The carpeting, drywall, ceiling and electrical are already installed. I will be able to do some modifications, but this is no start from scratch project.  I think this is pretty representative of the "bones" that most of us wishing to build a listening room have to work with. We get an existing room and limited budget to create and optimize with, rather than a blank check and canvas. This should be a very relevant project, as there will be something for everyone to take away and use in their own room.

A 4 Part Series

  • In Part 1 we will deal with the electrical wiring, running the dedicated line and all associated tweaks that this will entail while still staying within building codes.
  • Part 2 we will begin experimenting with placing the speakers for best performance in the space.
  • Part 3 we begin looking at acoustic treatments and dealing with the issues of the existing space. 
  • Part 4 we will put the finishing touches on the space with the dark art of tweaking.
I am really excited about this project. I hope to learn a few things and perhaps find solutions to some issues that you my customer may be dealing with. 

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