Monday, June 27, 2016

Planting Seeds For Future Audiophiles:

Why not pick up an older receiver and give it to a
kid/young adult who shows a passion for music?

Do you remember how you discovered hifi? Perhaps it was an older sibling, or friend, or adult that introduced you to HiFi. Whatever it was, that experience left you hungry for more. It is increasingly difficult for younger people to find this experience, but perhaps there is a way for us as audiiophiles to be catalysts for creating this experience.

Fast forward to today

The reality is, most young people haven't experienced decent sound in their lifetime. Many haven't heard better than MP3 sound out of a pair of white plastic earbuds or a cheap plastic speaker. Why not help them discover what you already know about great sound?

Sharing The Love: The Idea

Here's an idea. Want to share your love of good sound and music? I've been buying receivers at yard sales, cleaning them up, and giving them to young people who express interest in good sound. All they need are speakers after that, and I point them to the Elac Debut B5 or B6 on Amazon. It's a great way to introduce someone to better sound than earbuds and Beats Pills!
ELAC Debut B6

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