Friday, June 23, 2017

5 Lessons About Sonic Tonic & Bybee iQSE

I and a few of my customers have been doing some experimenting with The Bybee iQSEs, and even more recently, combining the iQSE with Sonic Tonic. The following are lessons learned from my own experiments as well as feedback from customers on placement.

Lesson #1: One Per Component

It started with my installing iQSE's on some of the DAC's in my showroom. They all exhibited a dramatic improvements (more on that later). Being the typical audiophile I thought "If one is good, two must be twice as good". Makes sense. Unfortunately placing two Bybee iQSE's inside component for the most part degraded the performance of the component to a point that it sounded worse than it did with no iQSE's inside. Lesson to learn: Only one iQSE per component.

Lesson #2: Experiment with Placement

Experimentation is key. One customer found that placing the iQSE near the power inlet was good, but moving it to where the transformers and voltage regulators were located was much better. The point is even if you hear an improvement, you may find a placement that offers even more improvement. Keep experimenting!
A set of Sonic Tonic. 4 little blue bottles filled with epoxy and
the materials that make up the Tonic.

Lesson #3: Sonic Tonic Synergizes

Combining the Sonic Tonic inside a component with a Bybee iQSE has proven to work really well. The tonic can be placed in different areas inside a component and the two tweaks appear to work together really well.

Lesson #4: Buy an Electromagnetic Field Detector

An EM field detector can help one zero in on placement of tweaks designed to utilize/absorb EMI like the iQSE and Sonic Tonic. They are not cheap, but well worth the money if you are serious about lowering the noise floor on your audio system, this is an indespensible tool.
An Electromagnetic Field meter can
help you locate the EMI hotspots in
 your audio gear.

Lesson #5: Put Them In Your Breaker Box

Everyone is in total agreement on placing the Bybee iQSE's and Sonic Tonic in/on your breaker box. The sonic benefits are clearly audible. You can break the most breaker boxes can accomodate both and still one should be able to close the breaker panel door. Please do not take the panel off of your breaker and try to install these items inside unless you are a licensed electrician. The wiring to your breakers is not usually protected from short circuits and the amperage/voltage will kill you. 

What Lessons Will You Share With Us?

Help us by contributing your experiences with Sonic Tonic and the Bybee iQSE's. We will be sure to give you credit for your discoveries.

That's the great thing about this hobby. Discovering and sharing. At least we think so. 

That's it for now, we look forward to sharing more discoveries soon!