Saturday, February 21, 2009 now live

High quality audiophile music is a passion of mine, and it has long been a dream of mine to offer downloadable, audiophile music.

Well, with the current state of DRM, and the difficulties in getting record labels to agree to the site selling their music in a high quality downloadable format, it still remains a dream. But now a dream with a web site.

I have actually gotten one record label to agree, B:There records in Switzerland. They are run by Sven Boenicke of Boenicke audio, who makes some pretty nice sounding loudspeakers too.

I would also encourage artists who care about how music sounds to them to contribute. If you are an independent artist with no label, but with well recorded music, I would be interested in hearing from you too.

So far I have only links to audiophile record labels whose music I would love to carry. I also have shameless plugs for Tweek Geek audio gear on there as well. It makes the search engines happy.

I would love to have music lovers submit articles on what music means to them, and how good music reproduction helps them enjoy music. I want to be more than a place that sells music, I want it to inform, enlighten and stir curiosity in music enthusiasts who may not be audiophiles.

Any thoughts?

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