Wednesday, April 4, 2012

5 Tips on Making your PC Audio Source Sound Fantastic

The PC is fantastic at storing our music collections, allowing us easy access to our music libraries instantaneously. The problem is they are electronically and mechanically noisy. This post addresses ways to reduce the amount of EMI and RFI that the PC "leaks" into your audio system. Below are a few tips designed to address minimizing the amount of electronic noise your Music PC generates and radiates back into your audio system
  1. NEVER plug your PC into the same circuit that powers your audio system. Even if you have a power conditioner for your system, and it has an extra filtered receptacle, don't do it.
  2. Stillpoints ERS - When installed internally on your PC, ERS paper or ERS tape reduces the amount of internally generated RF noise coming from the PC’s power supply, and circuits. ERS has also been known to help reduce noise when placed around the USB input of an audio component. Be careful with ERS however, as the edges are particularly conductive. Treat it like copper foil when installing it inside an electronic device.
  3. Audience aR2P - The Audience aR2P is an audio grade power filter and conditioner. Plug your PC into the aR2P to not just clean the power feeding the computer, but to keep the garbage your computer is putting back into the AC line from getting to your audio components. If you have more than two components in your PC audio source that need power (for instance, a powered USB/SPDIF converter) we recommend the Wireworld Matrix power strip be plugged into one of the receptacles on the aR2P, allowing you to power 7 additional devices (and keep them outside of the Audio system's "grid").  
  4.   Synergistic Research Tranquility Basik - This breakthrough isolation platform is capable of conditioning signal while still inside your components. When used underneath a PC like the Mac Mini. It utilized the same principles that the Synergistic PowerCell's incorporate. There is a small EM cell that conditions the signal inside your PC. Ask for an in-home audition, we have some available in our lending library. ...But wait, there's more!
  5. Wireworld "figure 8" AC adapter - Allows you to use a better power cord on your audio PC. Most PC power cords are not shielded. By using an unshielded power cord you allow AC garbage to get into your PC (as if it needs any more), as well as be sent back through the power cord to the rest of your AC "grid".

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