Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Does The Use Of Marijuana Enhance Your Listening Experience?

Not the usual blog topic for this industry, but two things make it interesting personally to me.
1. The legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado where I am located.
2. The abundance of opinions shared with me since legalization on how marijuana enhances the listening experience.

Many people like to relax with an alcoholic beverage while listening to audio. Does the beverage enhance your listening ability, or does it simply enhance the experience? For me, the latter is true. I can't hear a bit better after a glass of wine than I can before.

To regular users of marijuana, many senses appear to be heightened, which can make some activities more intense or pleasurable. Sex is better, food is better, and audio is better. Conversely, this intensity can cause anxiety or paranoia with other activities.

I want to know what your experience is if you do use marijuana and do enjoy listening to music. Does it enable your sense of hearing to hear more deeply into the music, does it enable you to focus more easily on listening to music, in what way if any does using marijuana while listening to music change the experience for you?

This is not a discussion about the morality of marijuana legalization or use.  I do not want  your opinion on that. I only want your opinion on what using marijuana does for your music listening experience while listening to your audio system. Thank you!

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  1. Grass makes you enter into an altered perception zone. You may hear some things that sound enhanced.. But, gone is that physical vigor of grooving as what once was an invigorating experience. My observation is that its an enhancement for people who have lost their groove. Its a viagra for those who used to love listening to music, but the thrill is now diminished.. You may become intrigued by the altered state of mind, but its no longer a natural sense of music.. I am a musician. I found out the hard way what I just spoke of. Its no longer about reality. Its about fantasy state of mind. Its kind of like entering into a pre-op state of mind. After the novelty wore off I learned to hate it. I then sought to enjoy life without a crutch. After all, I used to enjoy music without any prop ups.