Friday, July 2, 2021

Transform the Benefit of Your ADD-Powr Sorcer or Wizard With This Tweek

Fuse Rolling On The ADD-Powr Sorcer

Recently I was methodically adding QSA fuses to the components in my system, and experincing truly amazing results, which have been documented in my blog and in a StereoTimes Review of the QSA Fuses. I had been running my ADD-Powr Sourcer X4 with the metal top off, and was in the process of  installing the black plexiglass top when I realized that the Sorcer took a fuse. A 5x20 mm, slow blow, 500 milliAmp fuse was in my Sorcer X4, begging to be replaced with a QSA. 

I wasn't sure that this would be a good thing, since Bill at ADD-Powr likes his devices plugged straight into the wall with no power conditioning. My logic was that if this fuse does any type of filtering it will diminish the effect of the Sorcer X4.

I was so wrong. But that is why we experiment. The QSA Violet fuse that I installed had an immediate "holy shit" effect on the sound of the entire system, and seemed to do 2 things: 1, it magnified the effect of the Sorcer X4, almost doubling or tripling it, and 2, it gave the midband and top end of the music a beauty and clarity that I was not prepared for. Mind you I already had a Red/Black QSA fuse in my Innuos Statement, and a Red Fuse in my Audio Hungary Qualiton XP200 integrated amp. What happened was transformational. Once again these tiny devices proved themselves to be worth the price of admission. 

Fuse Rolling On The Wizard

With such great success on the Sorcer, I took a fuse home to install in the ADD-Powr Wizard I have on my home AV system as well. The same transformation occured in my home system as well with the addition of the fuse to the Wizard. The sound was if I had added another Wizard, plus the added clarity and sweetness to the midband and highs had my home system performing at a level well above it's cost. 

If you own a Wizard, a Sorcer X2, or X4 the 5x20mm, 500 milliAmp QSA  fuses are an absolute must. Every level of fuse will provide you with improvement, even the $28.50 black fuse. But the magic really starts to happen with the Violet, Red and Red/Black fuses. Enjoy!

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